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On Thu, Feb 01 2018, Matthias Klose wrote:

>> 4) Your implicit comment that I lied in the changelog and disabled
>> the test suite because I knew it would fail is entirely uncalled for.
>> Please do not treat fellow package maintainers like that.
> well, looking at the changelog is the way to see what is changed, and
> sometimes why. I didn't see that in 2). But yes, I was feeling that
> you didn't tell everything.

I'll add some more text to the 5.5-2 changelog entry in the next upload.

> Now reduced the severity. Feel free to close it if you think that any
> tests during the build is not necessary.

I'll attempt to reproduce the various failures you report in your most
recent message on a porterbox.  I'll keep the bug open until then, at

Sean Whitton

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