On Mon, 16 Oct 2017 20:28:26 +0700 Fedor Goncharov <fe...@mcb.nsc.ru> wrote:
> Package: openvswitch-switch
> Version: 2.6.2~pre+git20161223-3
> Priority: critical
> The Openvswitch daemon must be started before the network.service. 
> Because when the initiation of the network started interfaces from the 
> options should exist, or if you try to configure openvswitch in 
> /etc/network/interfaces, then the ovs daemon must be running to execute 
> commands.
> Please create a systemd configuration with the option "Before: 
> networking.service" for a stable version of debian.

That seems like the wrong thing to do.
networking.service is specific to ifupdown (auto). We do have several
other network configuration systems. I hope this was not actually
applied as a fix? The changelog is unfortunately unclear in that regard:

  * Added 2 debian/*.service files (Closes: #878757, #771507).

Thomas, can you please post the complete change that was actually applied.

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