> nanopolish [:i386]
> The package would not migrate to testing because it was not installable
> on i386 for lack of sse-support.

There never was a package by that name.  The only variants are sse2-support
[any-i386] sse3-support [any-i386 any-amd64] sse4.2-support [any-i386
any-amd64] and stuff for architectures you're not interested in.

I really doubt you're looking for sse1 in particular -- I expect your
package uses a newer variant; a package of this kind doesn't really care
about CPUs so old anyway, thus the distinction doesn't matter.

(Note that marking packages that use a non-base CPU extension this way is
controversial -- but no one implemented a better solution yet.)

As for this RM, it won't work as your package still tries to build on i386,
which will reintroduce nanopolish:i386 as soon as ftpmasters remove it.
Thus, you'd need to upload a new version first.

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