Control: reopen -1
Control: reassign -1 dblatex
Control: found -1 0.3.10-2

Hi Norbert.  Thanks for the explanation and pointers.

[Norbert Preining]
> Closing this bug according to the Debian TeX guidelines as a but that is
> neither concerned with Debian nor upstream TeX Live, but upupstream.

I believe it is better to reassign the issue to dblatex, which is the
package triggering this bug and which might be in a better position to
avoid it.

Here is a short recipe to reproduce the problem, based on how the book
in question is built today, simplified to try to drop irrelevant command
line options:

cat > <<EOF
% Book title
% Author One;Author Two
# A chapter
Some text with hair space Unicode U+200A ('&hairsp;') need to be
pandoc --standalone -t docbook -f markdown > hairsp.xml
dblatex -t tex -b xetex hairsp.xml 
pdflatex hairsp.tex

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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