On 2018-02-05 08:02, Pascal Obry wrote:
> First, unload is not possible as nvidia is in use.

in that case you could either stop X and work in the console ...
or just do the following steps, since obviously only the nvidia-uvm
module in interesting here, there is no need for rebooting:

$ sudo modprobe -r nvidia_uvm           # unload
$ lsmod | grep nvidia_uvm               # expect empty result
$ nvidia-modprobe -u ; echo $?          # load it; print return code
$ lsmod | grep nvidia_uvm               # expect non-empty result
$ sudo nvidia-modprobe -u               # if previous load didn't
                                        # succeed, retry as root
$ lsmod | grep nvidia_uvm               # now it must be loaded

Are there any hardening settings enabled on your system that could
prevent this setuid executable from doing its job?
* filesystems mounted with option nosuid
* apparmor
* selinux

BTW, which version of the nvidia-modprobe package do you have installed?


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