Package: sylpheed
Severity: minor


 In debian/control,

> Recommends: sylpheed-i18n, xfonts-100dpi | xfonts-75dpi |
>  xfonts-100dpi-transcoded | xfonts-75dpi-transcoded, aspell-en |
>  aspell-dictionary, ca-certificates

 Well, why sylpheed package recommends xfonts-* packages?
 Most of users use it under modern X with TrueType fonts, I guess.
 Can we remove or demote it?

> Suggests: jpilot, sylpheed-doc (>= 20020420-3), claws-mail-tools, bogofilter,
>  bsfilter, curl

 We should remove jpilot and put sylfilter | bogofilter | bsfilter to
 Recommends, IMO.


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