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Severity: wishlist

I am looking for a sponsor for my package python3-metpx-sarracenia.
It has been in development since 2013, and it is now getting stable
enough that putting it into a stable repository is starting to make sense.
currently alpha, should make it to beta soon.

Package name : python3-metpx-sarracenia
Version             : 2.18.01a5 ? or later? maybe pull latest tag from git?
Upstream Author:,  ( Peter Silva is manager of a team at
Canadian government.)
License:       GPLv2
Section:        python

Sarracenia is used to generate messages (called posts) about files,
which are then published to a rabbitmq AMQP broker.  Subscribers can
then do stuff with them. Usually one downloads them, thus doing a file
transfer.  Once downloaded, the files can also be published to another
broker, daisy chain style. Hence SARRA: Subscribe and Recusively

Can be used to mirror large trees... and by large, I mean 27 million
files in a single tree large... and do so 72 times faster than
rsync... (explanation here: )  mi

also can be used to download from the Canadian weather service's
public datamart ( )

The debian building basically works, there is a PPA for it:

One can obtain the source:

git clone git:// metpx-sarracenia
cd metpx-sarracenia
git checkout v2.18.01a5

will build the python3-metpx-sarracenia_2.18.01a5_all.deb

That's clean, and that's enough for now... If you are feeling kind/friendly,
 but there is also some (optional) C stuff in the c/ subdirectory.  if you do:

cd c

it will build:

libsarra-c_2.18.01a5_amd64.deb  libsarra-c-dev_2.18.01a5_amd64.deb

The C stuff is needed for the large mirroring case, but most use cases
are fine with just the python.  I haven't figured out how to get
launchpad to do these builds automatically, and they require
librabbitmq4-0.8.0 which is too new from ubuntu 16.04, so have not
tried to build there, but current debian stable is OK (also 17.10, and
18.04) The c stuff is linux only (depends on INOTIFY kernel feature.)
likely won't work on alternate kernels.

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