Severity: normal
X-Debbugs-Cc: Laurent Bigonville <>,

libsexy was last released upstream in March 2007, and its functionality
appears to have been subsumed by GTK+ and GtkSpell. Laurent Bigonville
has been looking at it as part of the GNOME team's larger effort to
remove superseded GNOME 2-era libraries: he opened a bug a couple of
weeks ago to keep it out of buster[0] with no maintainer response so far.

Uses of libsexy were recently removed from its last two rdeps, xchat[1]
and gmpc[2].

`dak rm -R -n libsexy` indicates that the outdated xchat binaries on
kfreebsd-* will also have to be removed. Since the kfreebsd buildds
have gone away[3] it doesn't look as though the current source version
of xchat will be built on kfreebsd.

So please consider something like this:

dak rm -R -b -a kfreebsd-amd64 xchat
dak rm -R -b -a kfreebsd-i386 xchat
dak rm -R libsexy



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