* James McCoy <vega.ja...@gmail.com> [2018-02-12 07:23]:

On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 10:48:35AM +0100, Rafael Laboissière wrote:
The debsign script fails to scp files which contain a colon (":") in their
names.  This is unfortunate because the colon is a valid character in the
version number of Debian packages.

Please, find attached to this bug report a simple patch that fixes the problem when uploading a .changes file.

It doesn't handle when the file is an absolute path, since the change would convert that to a path relative to the working directory.

I may be misunderstanding the internals of debsign, but it seems to me that, when using option -r, the $changes variable will always contain a bare filename that refers to the temporary directory whose name is stored in $remotefilesdir.

This is ensured by the code in the dosigning() function, line 606 of /usr/bin/debsign:

   changes=`basename "$changes"`

I maintain that my patch works, even though it may not be the perfect solution for the current issue.

Notice that my patch has no effect when debsign signing a local .changes file with an eventual full path name passed as argument.



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