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On Fri, Feb 09, 2018 at 01:09:21AM +0100, gregor herrmann wrote:
> > cme issues a warning is the vcs browser URL does not point to 
> > anonscm.debian.org. This host currently redirects to alioth. IIRC, it will  
> > point to salsa once the transition is done.
> No, TTBOMK it won't. (So much for generic hostnames.)
> There's a rewriter [0] in place, but anonscm.debian.org won't go
> anywhere, AFAIK.

Or more precisely:  There are people who are not interested to let
anonscm.debian.org go anywhere.  On the other hand there are lots of
people (including me) who consider this totally insane since this just
continues the "Update Vcs-fields every second year" cycle and I really
hope that this insanity will be broken by simply pointing anonscm to
salsa in general once the migration is done.
> > What can we do in the meantime with cme ?
> > - accepts both salsa and anonscm ? (this is a change that would need to be 
> > reverted once alioth to salsa transition is done)
> > - remove the check until the transition is done, so no warning is emitted
> > - do nothing (may be update the doc)
> Maybe accept alioth/anonscm and salsa for now, and remove the former
> once it's shut down.
> Or just switch to salsa. Or don't do nothing now and switch to salsa
> once alioth is history.

IMHO alowing salsa a valid Vcs field for the moment makes sense but
rather deprecate it once sanity has won over insanity. :-P 

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