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Hello James,

On Fri, Feb 02 2018, James R. Barlow wrote:

> Do you think you could take a few minutes to identify which test is
> taking this long and report it? This may be an upstream bug, if some
> input triggers an infinite loop.

I ran the test suite on one of Debian's machines, in an up-to-date
Debian unstable chroot.  It took 100 minutes and there were many
failures.  Some of the test failed due to timeouts, and some of them
failed for other reasons.  I'm attaching the full log.

I see you have released 5.6.0, but from the release notes it seems
likely there would be the same failures.

Please let me know if you still need me to run individual tests and see
how long they take.

> I have my suspicions. My guess is that:
>     pytest tests/ # will never finish
> and
>     pytest -n0 tests/ # will fail in 15 seconds
> If so, you might have qpdf < 7.0.0 and upgrading to qpdf >= 7.0.0 will
> fix it.

We have qpdf 7.1.1 in Debian unstable right now, so this can't be it.

Sean Whitton

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