On Sun, 11 Feb 2018 10:07:02 -0800 James Bottomley
<james.bottom...@hansenpartnership.com> wrote:
> I'm getting this same segfault as well.  My old remote fell apart, so I
> was trying to train the IR receiver on a new one (well, the unused VCR
> section of the current TV remote.

> This is what I get:


> Usually you should not create a new config file for devinput
> devices. LIRC is installed with a devinput.lircd.conf file which 
> is built for the current system which works with all remotes 
> supported by the kernel. There might be a need to update 
> this file so it matches the current kernel. For this, use the 
> lirc-make-devinput(1) script.
> Press RETURN to continue.

This message really says it all: using irrecord  with the devinput
driver is a useless and dangerous idea. See my other replies in the bug
for more.



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