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On Sun, Dec 24, 2017 at 09:36:59PM +0100, Peter De Wachter wrote:
> Hello Dominic,
> [Resending with in Cc]
> I feel that in Debian the expected behavior is that options and other
> arguments can be mixed. Sure, no program bothers explicitly
> documenting that, but why would they? It's simply the normal behavior
> of glibc's getopt(3) after all. Programs that don't allow this are
> exceptions.
> Given that the previous version of rename allowed this and given that
> it's expected behavior on Debian, I feel that this is a valid bug.
> If on the other hand you really don't want to support this, I feel
> it's necessary to give an explicit error message in this situation
> ("fatal: option -n must come before non-option arguments").


It's a fair point. I've proposed a change upstream:


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