AFAIK I never changed the file in /etc/default. And even if I did so, the 
package installation should not just abruptlly stop, some sort of problem 
resolution shall be presented to the user.  
I had, and minissdpd was not happy with it. Maybe it has been fixed 
since then, since I changed to my wlan interface.  
Will test again with  
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Geoffrey Merck  
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> On 02/02/2018 08:34 PM, f4...@f4fxl.org wrote:   
>  > Hi,   
>  >   
>  > I beg your pardon, but this looks like a half baked feature.   
>  > IMHO package is missing some sort of migration from previous versions.   
>  > Packages are not supposed to require manual steps or shall prompt the   
>  > user what to do during update.   
>  Could you explain what's wrong with the migration ? The file is in   
>  /etc/default, so it's marked as CONFFILES, and as such, if you changed   
>  it, dpkg will do a prompt. In my case, it did:   
>  Setting up minissdpd (1.5.20161216-2~bpo9+1) ...   
>  Installing new version of config file /etc/default/minissdpd ...   
>  Installing new version of config file /etc/init.d/minissdpd ...   
>  I don't see any trouble here...   
>  If you do, please explain.   
>  > Previous version seemed to accept to listen on all interfaces,   
>  > it is unclear what is required to achieve the same.   
>  As much as I understand, you're supposed to just configure one interface   
>  or IP pool, and miniupnpd will listen on all IPs on that device / pool.   
>  /usr/sbin/minissdpd --help explains this.   
>  If you just enter an interface name, like let's say eth0, then it will   
>  listen on that. If you enter, then it will listen on   
>  everything, no mater what. I tried putting without the trailing   
>  /0, and it looks like also working.   
>  > Moreover, entering a   
>  > valid address like the example specified in the error message also fails.  
>  Contributions, suggestions, ideas are more than welcome for improving   
>  the package.   
>  Cheers,   
>  Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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