Control: retitle 890375 gsettings-desktop-schemas: update changes touchpad 
right click behaviour silently
Control: reassign 890375 gsettings-desktop-schemas 3.27.90-1

On Wed, 14 Feb 2018 at 09:09:09 +0100, Andreas Hehn wrote:
> This setting is not present on the previous version of gnome-tweaks (3.27.4-1)
> (at least on my installation) and I highly suspect the update to 3.27.90-1
> changed the setting silently.

gnome-tweaks is just a user interface for manipulating settings, so I would
hope that it never changes something by itself. Everything that it can
configure is a (hidden) configuration option in either
gsettings-desktop-schemas (which contains settings and defaults for the
GNOME desktop as a whole) or the individual package that implements the
configurable behaviour (often gnome-shell or gnome-settings-daemon).

> Versions of packages gnome-tweaks depends on:
> ii  gsettings-desktop-schemas  3.27.90-1

This seems to be the package that caused the change. From its NEWS:

    - Change default click method for touchpads, from Windows-style
      soft-button areas, to Mac-style two-finger right-click. This
      does not change the settings for trackpoints or touchpads that
      don't support multi-touch

(See also 
which suggests that the previous default was to use Mac-style two-finger
right-click on certain special-cased machines, presumably including Macs.)

Perhaps a NEWS.Debian entry would be appropriate? Or this seems like
something that should maybe go into the buster release notes if there's
a "new version of GNOME" section.


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