On 14/02/18 10:11, softw...@quantentunnel.de wrote:
> Hi Alec
> Thanks. I have filed a bug, see 
> https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=890374
> Although not my opinion, I make you aware that Bengt Martensson on the lirc 
> mailing list is against patching the code. As I wrote in the bug report, I 
> see no reason why a directive in the conf file should be ignored. The patch 
> would only negatively affect a conf file where someone has included a 
> spurious 'post' or 'pre' directive, and the conf file only works because 
> luckily a bug prevents that spurious directive to have an effect.
> Best regards
> Andreas
Thanks for filing. That said, I'm moving this bug upstream to
https://sf.net/p/lirc/tickets/319/. In that bug I have also repeated my
reply, which basically requests some feedback from you. Let's keep
discussion in the upstream bug, it really belongs there.


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