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On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 07:38:59AM +0300, wrote:
> Package: eo-spell
> Version: 2.1.2000.02.25-54
> Severity: wishlist
> Hello! For some spell checking programs, like built-in Vim one, the most
> simple way to setup spell-checking is to have raw, one word per line
> list of correct words. It seems to be established practice to name
> binary packages in format 'w{language}', like wamerican, wnorwegian or
> wukrainian.
> Attached debdiff adds new binary package 'wesperanto' to src:eo-spell. I
> know, that it is not perfect, since it should also 'Provide: wordlist',
> but, in my defense, wnorwegian also does not provide wordlist.


Thanks for your contribution. Working on it.

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