Hi W. Martin,

Quoting W. Martin Borgert (2018-02-14 12:21:24)
> v3.3.10 has been released on 2018-02-08.
> Please consider updating the Debian package.

Thanks for raising this issue!

Uglifyjs 3.3.10 is now released to experimental.  Since it is a major 
new release - SemVer-versioned, which implies backwards-incompatible 
changes - so the package need to be tested against its reverse 
dependencies before it can enter unstable.

Help is much appreciated doing that compatibility testing!

If it turns out too many reverse dependencies cannot use UglifyJS 3 (and 
cannot easily be patched to do so), the package could be released as 
separate uglifyjs3 source+binary package.

I might also choose to go down that route if too long time passes 
without anyone (myself included) finds time to do the needed testing of 
all reverse dependencies...

 - Jonas

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