Russ Allbery:
> Niels Thykier <> writes:
>> The maintainer reports (notably the "full" reports) quickly grows in
>> size (disk space used) and without any bounds.  At the moment, the
>> lintian.d.o has a complete size usage of ~1GB - half of that is "full
>> reports" - the second runner up is the uncompressed lintian.log (at
>> 250MB), which will disappear soon.
> I use my maintainer full report all the time.

What particular part do you use or like about it?  From my PoV, it looks
like it has too much information on it - even with out the
classification tags.

I think my issue is that I am missing some level of aggregation from
where I can choose to "drill down" into a more detailed layer (easier
said than done on a static website).

As an example, you literally have a screen full of line numbers from a
pedantic tag:

This is where I wish our maintainer/full reports where different.  Maybe
something like:

This is the lintian report for Russ Allbery, who maintains 20 packages.

Possible issues found by lintian:

  E: 10  (of which 3 are certain)
  W: 3

Style suggestions / nits:
  I: 12
  P: 255 (of which 120 of these are file-contains-trailing-whitespace in

Other issues:
  O: 7
  X: 12
  C: 33


 * Number of overridden tags: 7 (in 3 different packages)
 * Number of unused overrides: 2 (in 1 package)
 * Number of malformed overrides: 0

Table by package:

                |  E  |  W  |  I  |  P |  Links
 debian-policy  |  0  |  1  |  3  | 20 |  <links here>
 gnubg          |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0 |  <links here>
  [... 18 more entries for each remaining package ...]

(Numbers more or less pulled out of my hat; some parts probably needs a
little more prose etc.)

This obviously makes more sense if we have a "per package" report, so
you can drill into a package and see what the tags are.

> I think a lot of the explosion has been the inclusion of the purely
> informational tags in the maintainer reports, which I think are fairly
> useless and add a ton of space because even entirely Lintian-clean
> packages have several of them.  Maybe just suppress those from the
> maintainer report and see what things look like then?

Am doing it now.


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