Thanks Gabriel, I'm closing it right now :)

(see the magic in cc:)


On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 08:32:00PM +0000, Gabriel Filion wrote:
> Gah!
> I did a little bit more research and found out that the warning was not
> replicating on stretch hosts managed elsewhere. This led me to find that
> the warning was *not* caused by aptitude itself but rather by an option
> in apt.conf.d/ that was configured by our configuration management (e.g.
> it was configuring "APT::Get::force-yes true;"
> I've removed this from the configuration that is being pushed by our
> configuration management and the warning is gone.
> So.... I'm really sorry for creating noise here and not having
> investigated a bit more! I thought that since I could replicate on more
> than one host it was a problem with the software but it was rather a
> configuration problem.
> This bug report can be closed (sorry don't know the magic email line
> that does this)


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