Jonas Smedegaard <> writes:

> Hi Chiraag,
> Quoting Chiraag Nataraj (2018-02-12 02:00:06)
>> I went to open mpc in Emacs, and my artists (and song titles) are in 
>> multiple languages, including Kannada (the font for which I found this 
>> problem). A very specific character (ಕು) caused Emacs to crash. This 
>> was reproducible multiple times using both the GTK+ and Lucid builds 
>> of Emacs 25.
>> I uninstalled the package, which prevented the crash (that is, other 
>> fonts - e.g. the ones provided by fonts-knda - do not have this 
>> problem and do not cause Emacs to crash).
>> I can provide more information if needed.
> Interesting!  I will make sure to pass this upstream to the developers 
> of Noto.
> Please also file a separate bugreport against emacs, as I am sure they 
> would love to know about the crashing bug on their side (and I don't use 
> emacs myself so cannot sensibly report that on my own).

This is not related to fonts I assume. I had long ago filed bug report
with emacs24 for this ¹. But sadly it got closed as emacs24 went out of
archive (And I did not notice that).

Jonas I think we can safely re-assign this bug to emacs25. In my case
crash was mostly Unicode character (Kannada) specific.


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