>>>>> "Jason" == Jason Crain <ja...@inspiresomeone.us> writes:

Jason> On Sun, Feb 18, 2018 at 10:10:01PM +0000,
Jason> peter.ch...@data61.csiro.au wrote:
>> It happens with the two printers I can test it with: a Kyocera MFP,
>> and a Konica bizhub C451.  The latter is interesting: if I try to
>> print two copies of a multi-page document and select saddle stitch
>> as the finishing option, I get two booklets, each with two copies
>> of the document.

Jason> I don't have a finishing or saddle stitch option for my printer
Jason> which may be part of why I can't reproduce it.

Looks like this is a cups bug.  I'll reassign it.

The data sent to cups from evince appears to be correct.  But
cupsfilter duplicates the PDF pages, AND tells the printer to make n

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