Source: am-utils
Version: 6.2+rc20110530
Severity: important

Dear Maintainer,

The am-utils source package does not have a debian/copyright file as required
by policy ยง12.5.

"A copy of the file which will be installed in /usr/share/doc/package/copyright
should be in debian/copyright in the source package."

Policy goes on to say about copyright files:

"These rules are important because copyright files must be extractable by
mechanical means."

and this is indeed a problem for the source package am-utils.

Automated extraction of the source package's copyright fails both for ftp-
master's API and on tracker:

Given that there are practical reasons why having debian/copyright within the
source package is useful, would debian/rules be able to be changed so that the
copyright file is created prior to upload rather than at build time?


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