> intrigeri:
>> Same problem without debug=1:

> That is not what I meant.

OK, sorry. I got confused by:

   I am interested in why you set '1' to the aufs module parameter "debug".
   If you had not set, this bug would not appear I guess. Did you see
   something wrong without setting "debug"?

… which seemed to refer to that module parameter. Anyway, moving on:

> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> As you might know, LOCKDEP is a kernel debugging feature and
> AuRwDestroy() macro is enabled only when CONFIG_AUFS_DEBUG is
> enabled. So I guess if you disabled both of them, you wouldn't meet the
> problem.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

> Re-configure and re-compile are necessary, if you want to try.

Confirmed! So indeed, this problem only happens when CONFIG_AUFS_DEBUG
is enabled, which is the default setting in aufs4-standalone.git's
config.mk and the Debian aufs-dkms package does not change that.
So let me ask: is it recommended to disable this compilation option
for production use?


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