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> we had a look at https://success.docker.com/article/Maintenance_Lifecycle and
> noticed that the docker version in sid reached EOL.

Just to be clear, that table _only_ applies to Docker EE, which is a
commercial offering from Docker Inc.  For the open source edition of
Docker CE, Docker 1.13 was EOL as soon as 17.03.0 was released (Mar 2,

For the releases with the new date-based version format, I find the
graphic in https://blog.docker.com/2017/03/docker-enterprise-edition/
helpful.  The gist of it is that every release whose month number is
divisible by three is a "stable" release, and the other releases are
monthly "edge" releases.  Stable releases are supported for 4 months,
edge releases are supported for 1 month.

The primary reason that Docker hasn't been updated further is one of
dependency sprawl (same as it ever was); every new release adds new
dependencies, and usually updates quite a few others.  I believe there
are some folks from Collabora who have been working on packaging those
Go dependencies, but this is definitely more than a one-day effort (or
else it might've been already done sooner).


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