Timo Aaltonen kirjoitti 21.12.2017 klo 11:43:
> Hi, I need nss-pem for certmonger which is used on a FreeIPA client to
> refresh certificates. Without it shipping FreeIPA server with a CA is
> pointless.
> Six months have passed, how about just merging this patch? It wouldn't
> affect packages using libnss3-dev.

It's not just freeipa client, setting up current freeipa server fails if
libnsspem.so is not available. https://pagure.io/freeipa/issue/7422

Upstream/nss-pem folks are quite clear that nssb can't be made dynamic,
and they won't touch the others either. So while nss-pem could
technically just copy the necessary headers, it would still require the
libs from nss..

I've filed a bug on Ubuntu to add libnss3-pkcs11-dev

because bionic can't wait any longer.


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