Control: retitle -1 ‘merge’ should not care about the order of blocking bugs

On 16-Jun-2014, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
> […]
> <mapreri> In my opinion both: forcemerge shouldn't care of order and
> the bugs should be ordered, but that's up to you, from my point of
> view the important bit is: "it must work" :)
> <dondelelcaro> mapreri: yeah; that's how it should work. Please file
> a bug against debbugs so I have a record of it
> <mapreri> dondelelcaro: ok.

This applies to ‘merge’ primarily (and ‘forcemerge’ has the problem
just because it uses ‘merge’). Re-titling this bug report.

An example of an error report from a ‘merge’ command:

> Bug #843021 [wnpp] ITP: node-yarnpkg -- a fast, reliable and secure npm
> Unable to merge bugs because:
> blockedby of #863704 is '886873 886844 886849 886866 886843' not '886849 
> 886866 886843 886844 886873'
> Failed to merge 843021: Did not alter merged bugs.

The ‘blockedby’ and ‘block’ sets are the same, ignoring order. The
‘merge’ command should ignore the order of items in those sets, when
comparing the sets.

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