I have second thoughts about this. I think the cryptroot-script.sh file itself is fine, but probably we should avoid to mess with the upstream translation template.

The source includes debian/scripts/po/Makefile, which updates luksformat.pot and creates and installs luksformat.po files for available languages when called from debian/rules. Maybe we should do something similar for cryptroot-script.sh (and possibly other files in debian/initramfs). Or, instead of adding another distro specific template, maybe we should 'merge' them into one template with strings from files in both debian/scripts and debian/initramfs. In that case, would "cryptsetup-debian" be a suitable template name?

I want to complete the fix of this bug, but before spending more time on it I'd like to talk to some package maintainer, so we can agree on the approach.

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

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