Ah, sorry, now I see that you are reporting against the version in
stable. There is not much I can do to fix that, the version in testing
does not have this issue.

What I can do (and I had forgotten to do before), is to backport that
version to stretch.

On 23/02/18 14:48, Martín Ferrari wrote:
> Hi,
> On 23/02/18 12:17, tuxcoder wrote:
>> The service trys to `mkdir /var/lib/prometheus/alertmanager` on startup,
>> but the dir `/var/lib/prometheus` is owned by root.
>> If the package `prometheus` is installed first this is not the case.
> Uhm, I think you are mistaken, or I missed something.
> The directory is created when unpacking the deb file:
> $ dpkg -L prometheus-alertmanager | grep /var/lib/
> /var/lib/prometheus
> /var/lib/prometheus/alertmanager
> Then the post-installation script does this:
> chown -R prometheus:prometheus /var/lib/prometheus/alertmanager || true
> chown -R prometheus:prometheus /var/log/prometheus || true
> And the initsciprt does this (as root):
> mkdir -p `dirname $PIDFILE` || true
> chown -R $USER: `dirname $LOGFILE`
> chown -R $USER: `dirname $PIDFILE`
> So, I don't know where you saw that mkdir, nor where it could be a problem.

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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