Le 23.02.2018 à 13:28, Yangfl a écrit :
> Hi,
> In config.h:
> /* Uncomment the following line in order to make minissdpd
>  * listen on instead of *:1900
>  * Note : it prevents broadcast packets to be received,
>  *        at least with linux */
> It should be OK to enable such option since UPnP actually use
> multicast. However there might be some broken clients sending
> broadcast.
I'm sorry, the comment is misleading, it should read "multicast"

As far as I know, the bind() address for UDP socket is used as a "filter
address" :
* Binding to the interface address ( prevent multicast SSDP
packets to be received (they are sent to
* Binding to prevents SSDP unicast packets to be
received as they are sent to

anyway binding to wont change the interface miniSSDPd is
listening on...

The only solution is to bind to ANY, MiniSSDPd then does a packet
filtering on each received packet,
dropping them if they have wrong receiving interface or wrong sender.

Anyway, for better security, one should use iptables to prevent any
traffic to come from the internet on UDP port 1900 !

Thomas Bernard

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