> However, I cannot find these files anywhere on my system after
> upgrade.  (The changelog entry contains a likely typo,
> xen-utils/common instead of xen-utils-common, but I looked for the
> files elsewhere as well.)

This is a bit odd.

On my own system:

  $ dpkg --contents 
../xen-utils-common_4.8.3+comet2+shim4.10.0+comet3-1+deb9u4_all.deb |grep 
  -rw-r--r-- root/root      2896 2018-02-07 16:56 

But the file being distributed by Debian is different.

> in particular, dh_installdocs is only
> invoked on a subset of all architectures

This was a mistake.  I wasn't thinking clearly.

I think the file being distributed by Debian must have been built on

Anyway, thanks for the report and I think you have indeed pointed to
the correct fix.


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