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Hi Dylan,

> To improve the check r-data-without-readme-source and to avoid unmaintained
> README.source, lintian could check if the filename of all .RData files from
> a package are referenced into the README.source.

Good idea!

> A simple example where it could be useful is: a new version of a package
> contains a new binary R data file, but if the maintainer does not update
> the README.source, lintian will no emits any tag whereas this binary is not
> properly described.

Sounds like we want something a bit more machine-readable than README.source.
Is it legal to add fields to a DEP-5 debian/copyright for this? If not,
I wonder if a debian/source/rdata with some field (or similar) could work?

An example from the R maintainers (especially including a violating case)
would be extremely useful.


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