Le February 17, 2018 10:48:38 PM UTC, Didier 'OdyX' Raboud <o...@debian.org> a 
écrit :
>Package: lists.debian.org
>Severity: wishlist
>The debian.ch association (recognized TO) uses the
>list since, on privately-owned infrastructure. It's General Assembly
>concluded that a hosting of this low-traffic list would be much better
>Debian.org infrastructure, hence this request
>Name: debian-switzerl...@lists.debian.org
>Rationale: debian.ch association & Swiss events' coordination traffic;
> really be on Debian infrastructure if possible
>Short Description: Discussion list for Debian community in Switzerland
>Long Description: Discussion list for the Debian community - debian.ch
>Category: Other
>Subscription Policy: open
>Post Policy: open
>Web Archive: yes; please import the current commun...@lists.debian.ch
>list archive
>I hereby invite commun...@lists.debian.ch subscribers to voice their
>interest/support on the Debian bug for the creation of that list.
>OdyX, with hir debian.ch President hat
>community mailing list


So, voicing interest and support !

(Sorry about top reply, hard to quote properly on a phone)


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