Am 02.03.2018 um 20:48 schrieb Christoph Berg:

> "systemctl start foo.service" throws an error, but does not mark
> foo.service as failed.
> If "systemctl start postgresql@foo.service" would not have
> ConditionFileExists, it would permanently be marked as failed (until
> "systemctl reset-failed").
> Both should behave the same in the sense that typoing the service name
> on start shouldn't leave the system in a degraded state. (It would be
> nice if "systemctl start postgresql@foo.service" would throw a
> one-time error, but it doesn't look like that could be achieved.)

Well, I don't think those two cases are the same and as such should be
treated equally by systemd.
I see typoing the template name more like adding a typo to
ExecStart=/sbin/foobard /etc/typo_in_file_name
In this case foobard would most likely fail to start and systemd would
mark the service as failed. This is more comparable to your case,
because the template name is passed as a config option to the service

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