Le lundi 05 mars 2018 à 19:49:52+0100, Pierre-Elliott Bécue a écrit :
> Le lundi 05 mars 2018 à 19:08:04+0100, ydir...@free.fr a écrit :
> > Hello,
> > 
> > That does not fix the init issue, likely 2 different problems:
> > 
> > $ gaminggearfxinfo 
> > 
> > ** (process:21432): WARNING **: Could not initialize fx system
> > $ echo $?
> > 1
> Actually, they're not.
> I guess upstream splitted libgaminggear and roccat-tools after designing the
> latter, so actually the plugins directory is supposed to contain compiled
> files allowing to handle roccat devices. But these compiled files come if
> you actually instal roccat-tools. The binary refuses to work if no plugin
> exist at all.
> As roccat did not answer yet to my copyright questions, I'm on hold for the
> packaging of the roccat-tools package.
> There is no way to have this binary work properly without plugins, as it
> seems it's by design with these plugin files that it's supposed to work.
> I'll think about what to do.
> Sorry, and thanks.


So, I took a little more time to review, and the actual design isn't that
weird actually. So I'll add a patch that makes the error message more
verbose to explain why the software halts at this point.

There is no real alternative.

As soon as I can provide roccat-tools to debian, you'll be able to use these
binaries and more generally, the lib. :)

Sorry for the potential misunderstandings.

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