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> Based on the code changes we've needed in abcde, I'm assuming this
> will cause ripit to stop working in unstable at that point. The
> changes aren't *huge*, but they're not small (see the patch in
> https://abcde.einval.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=60 as a guide) so
> I'm assuming you'll need to work with ripit upstream to make that
> happen. Although... the ripit homepage link now points to a "domain
> for sale" site - is there still an upstream?

Felix Suwald is MIA. I tried several time to contact him since 09/17
but got no response :-(

As I am not a perl hacker I can not take over ripit's upstream so
there are two possibilities:

1st: I could try to find a successor on debian-devel or somewhere else.
2nd: I orphan ripit in Debian.

Anyway I'll try to adapt the new API to ripit myself but won't be
willing to maintain as an upstream.

Maybe you can give me an advice?

Thanks for your efforts.

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