On 02.03.2018 18:54, Brett Johnson wrote:
> Oh!  I didn't know you were actively working on packaging these.  I've
> also packaged them, with results in the debian-unstable branches of
> these github repositories:
> https://github.com/linuxturtle/glslang
> https://github.com/linuxturtle/SPIRV-Tools
> https://github.com/linuxturtle/SPIRV-Headers

Ah, I should've known better.. anyway, these can be co-maintained in
salsa.d.o/xorg-team/vulkan/, just that for uploads someone with
sufficient credentials is needed to sponsor them..

> Some other bits you may not be aware of:
> John Kessenich (main maintainer of glslang) is working on coming up with
> a reasonable versioning scheme for it.  So until he does that, you may
> want to use a scheme similar to what I did, that will be overridden with
> whatever he comes up with.  The bug to track what he's doing is here:  
> https://github.com/KhronosGroup/glslang/issues/1255

Looks like there's now 5.0 released yesterday, which is nice. If only
spirv-headers got tagged..

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