Am 25.11.2015 um 22:20 schrieb Francesco Poli (wintermute):
> Package: libpam-systemd
> Version: 228-2
> Severity: normal
> Hello,
> I noticed a weird bug that is possibly caused by libpam-systemd.
> Steps to reproduce (on a box with systemd as PID 1 process):
>   0) login on TTY1 (virtual terminal 1) as a regular user
>   1) start an X session with
>      $ startx
>   2) press [Ctrl+Alt+F2], in order to switch to TTY2
>   3) login on TTY2 as the same user
>   4) logout by pressing [Ctrl+D] on the empty command prompt
>   5) awkwardly the screen goes automatically back to the X session
>      (rather than showing a fresh new TTY2 login prompt)
>   6) even more awkwardly, any keyboard and mouse input is ignored
>      except for [Ctrl+Alt+F1], which however causes the screen to
>      go blank and immediately enter sleep mode
>   7) the only way out seems to be a poweroff command, issued by
>      pressing the power button (which is handled by acpid)
> I didn't try to SSH into the box and take a look at the system...
> I suspect that this bug is caused by libpam-systemd, since starting
> an X session on a box with systemd as PID 1 process, but without
> libpam-systemd installed, causes the same inability to use X input
> devices.
> I noticed this bug some days ago with libpam-systemd/227-2: I waited
> for version 228-2 to migrate to testing, before reporting the bug.
> After reproducing the same exact misbehavior with libpam-systemd/228-2,
> I decided that it is time to report it.
> Could you please investigate this bug and fix it and/or forward it
> upstream, as appropriate?

As the original bug reporter, can you still reproduce the issue, and if
so, could you share your ~/.bash_logout file.


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