On 08 Mar 2018, Christoph Anton Mitterer wrote:

>At least I think to remember that this wasn't always buggy... it only
>happened in <admittedly long ago and I was probably too lazy for years
>to investigate&report ^^>.

If you do not source bash_completion, then these completions work as
you expect.  So maybe you didn't have bash-completion installed?

>I cannot really say for sure whether there are undesired side

I guess that's the hard part...  Proving something to be free of
errors.  Maybe it's even impossible to prove.

>I mean bash-completion should anyway only be active in
>interactive sessions, right? So scripts shouldn't take any harm.
>And for interactive sessions (or such who kinda hack a script to behave
>like in an interactive one)... people must always expect that such
>changes occur in new versions.

That's a good point.

>What I personally would probably even like more was, if * is just not
>completed at all... but completing it only to one "random" match is
>just pointless.

I agree.

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