On Wed, Mar 07, 2018 at 11:41:08PM +0100, Pierre-Elliott Bécue wrote:
> In the other cases, it only adds a tag pending, which is not in
> contradiction with not being a DD, as a pending tag only means that the
> changes are included in the package's vcs and will be included in the next
> release.

That's not true.
Despite being from a time before me, I know that the 'pending' tag long
predates the common usage of a VCS for packaging.
It just means the change has been added to the maintainer's working
tree, whatever that means.
In the case of a NMU it just has a different meaning of being already
uploaded to a delayed queue (or not, you can do a NMU by announcing you
will upload in 5 days without using the technicality of the delayed
upload queue).  Consider that usually NMUs are not committed anywhere in
the maintainer's space.

> I think the appropriate answer to your remarks is to include your template
> feature, and add a --no-pending-tag argument to prevent the pending tag from
> being added to the mail.
> Apart from that, I don't see how it would make a real difference between being
> DD/DM or just a contributor.

As a non-DD I'd probably look for a template that says something like
"I've prepared …… and I'm now looking for sponsorship for an upload to
DELAYED/whatever", with the idea that then whenever a sponsor uploads
just adds the 'pending' tag.
But I've been a DD for too long, I don't remember anymore my troubles
with NMUs when I wasn't yet a DD, what about you?

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