Hello and thanks Andreas for the bug report,

golang-metrics-dev is outdated for 2.5 years and greatly deviates from the package naming convention defined by the pkg-go team in https://pkg-go.alioth.debian.org/packaging.html
This naming deviation apparently causes this bug to reoccur.

Instead of removing the up-to-date golang-github-rcrowley-go-metrics-dev packace which follows the right naming
convention, me and my sponsor suggest the following actions:

* Revise golang-github-rcrowley-go-metrics-dev using Conflicts: golang-metrics-dev & Replaces: golang-metrics-dev. * Open bug report to the 8 reverse dependencies of golang-metrics-dev and suggest to depend on golang-github-rcrowley-go-metrics-dev. * Request removal of golang-metrics-dev from the archive when it has zero reverse dependencies.

We can proceed with the above actions if there are no objections or other suggestions.


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