Package: sponsorship-requests
Severity: normal [important for RC bugs, wishlist for new packages]

  Dear mentors,

  I am looking for a sponsor for my package "pinball"

 * Package name    : pinball
   Version         : 0.3.1-14
   Upstream Author : Henrik Enqvist <>
 * URL             :
 * License         : GPL-2
   Section         : games

  It builds those binary packages:

    pinball    - Emilia Pinball Emulator
 pinball-data - Data files for the Emilia Pinball Emulator
 pinball-dev - Development files for the Emilia Pinball Emulator

  To access further information about this package, please visit the
  following URL:

  Alternatively, one can download the package with dget using this

    dget -x

  Changes since the last upload:

  * New Maintainer (Closes: #891762).
  * Set Rules-Requires-Root: binary-targets.
  * Added homepage field on debian/control.
  * Added description on some patch files.
  * Fix spelling error in patch description on 06_missing_cstddef.patch
  * Removed patch file not-mentioned in series:
  * Added hardering flags on debian/rules.
  * Removed and rewrite 03_desktop.patch file.
  * Removed file.
  * Added secure URI on debian/watch.
  * Completed rewrite debian/copyright file.
  * Changed negated list of architectures by dpkg architecture
    wildcards. Thanks to Robert Millan (Closes: #634705).
  * Close old fix bug (Closes: #642477).
  * Adds OpenGL constraint on debian/control. Thanks to Yann Dirson
    (Closes: #150082).
  * Added one new patch (pinball-cpp) to close more bugs
    (Closes: #555251, #555256, #450763, #858627).
  * Addet on new patch (menu-cpp) to activate left Alt
    key to close program (Closes: #442809).
  * Changed the storage directory of the high scores (new patch
  * Added one new patch (add-autor-to-AUTHORS) to add author name on
    upstream AUTHORS file (it was empty).

I have not updated the standard version: with debhelper> 9, the
compilation fails due to the libtoolize system. I think we have to do a
deep update of this issue.

   Innocent De Marchi

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