Package: enlightenment
Version: 0.22.1-2
Severity: low
Tags: experimental,e22,enlightenment,e17

Thanks for adding a recent version of enlightenment to Debian! :) Awesome work. 
Just a couple possible suggestions.

The new version of enlightenment in the experimental Debian repo does not 
appear to be built with Wayland support and doesn't appear to be selectable via 
GDM logon. As with the latest releases of Gnome, Wayland support is enabled and 
selectable via GDM login. Ideally, enlightenment would be built to support both 
Wayland and X11 variants and by default allow selecting one of the two options 
(similar to Gnome) via the GDM login prompt options. It is possible that there 
is support compiled in, but it is not currently selectable via GDM (unsure 
here). To build in support, you simply compile with the -Dwayland=true option. 
No idea if GDM will automatically handle raising the option to the user though 
or if something more needs to be done to enable it.

May also affect the e17 named package.

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