Hi Goran Vulić,

>  E.g. my name contain latin small latter c with acute.
>  If document contain html meta tag name="author" content="Goran Vulić"
> zen coding stop working.
> Or, if html document contain Serbian Cyrillic text inside tags.
> E.g. Inside title tag text: "Здраво свете" (Hello world on Serbian.).
> I was just checking right now and Zen coding is broken on document
> only after the text with non English character.
> Step to reproduce.
> 1. Type "Здраво свете" inside p tag.
> 2. Before p tag Zen coding works.
> 3. After p tag Zen coding is broken. 

Thank you so much for your explanation, but, does not this seem more
like a problem with Zen coding? Have you tried in another HTML editor?
It could be ruled out that it is Zen coding that fails.


I. De Marchi

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