Hello all,

Michael Vogt [2018-02-01  7:39 +0100]:
> just a small update on this. systemd git master has the needed support
> to reproduce the base-passwd passwd and group files now.

Many thanks for driving this! Now that 238 is released and has all the
necessary support, I've done another attempt at this:


This generates the files from base-file's {passwd,group}.master.

I tested this on a Debian sid container in LXC -  pretty cool to see the
container boot with a completely absent /etc! I diffed the original and
sysusers-generated passwd/group/shadow files and they are sufficiently similar.

> https://github.com/systemd/systemd/blob/master/test/TEST-21-SYSUSERS/test-5.input

Nice that there is an upstream test for this now!

> The only remaining problem is that it generates /sbin/nologin which we
> do not have (we use /usr/sbin/nologin).

As sysusers.d now supports specifying a shell, the above just uses the value
from the *.master file, so this isn't a problem.


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