this approach seems a bit strange.
Why would we want a package specific build profile rather than excluding
glib from a stage1 build of libverto.

Also, note that I'm about to update to a new version of libverto and
start building for libevent.
I wonder if for bootstrapping we want to pick one single event backend
and build against that in a stage 1 build?

I need to check this, but the probable reason that I included the event
backends in the -dev package is that it is permissible to  link directly
against a plugin.
I think policy strongly implies that if a -dev package is going to have
a .so symlink for a shared library it needs to have a hard depends on
that package.
Obviously we could remove the depends when we're not building against
glib on the glib plugin, although I think that technically means that
the -dev package has different functionality depending on what build
profile is used.
Which I think is problematic for some people's view of the build profile
I think this may be an argument for revising that.


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