On Friday, 9 March 2018 3:00 AM, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
> mhh, no usertags.
> How are you going to track these bugs without usertags?

I've now marked each relevant bug with my usertag 'freetype-config'.

> The next release of libfreetype6-dev will *not* ship
> `freetype-config', as the script has now been deprecated in favour of
> `pkg-config'.

> I can't see any package in experimental featuring this change.  Usually
> there would be a package in experimental, used to test other packages
> against, before MBFing.

There is no package in experimental for various reasons, including that
upstream FreeType has not yet released that version (unless you clone
the git repository). But you can easily simulate the relevant change yourself.

> I haven't looked deep, but I believe the inkscape is not affected:
> the version currently in debian contains a double build system
> autoconf+cmake: the autoconf one seems to be alling `freetype-config`,
> whereas cmake seems be doing something else (possibly pkg-config, or
> not); and we're using the cmake build system.
> FTR, the next major upstream release (0.93) will have only cmake.

Thanks for the explanation.

Hugh McMaster

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