>Can you check again with node-rollup-plugin-commonjs 8.3.0-2?

nack, I did the same no change rebuilds and it failed

root@Unimatrix04-Artful:/node-rollup-0.50.0# dpkg -l |grep node
ii  node-acorn                                       5.4.1+ds1-1               
all          ECMAScript parser for Node.js
ii  node-acorn-dynamic-import                        3.0.0-1                   
all          Support dynamic imports in acorn
ii  node-acorn-jsx                                   4.1.0-1                   
all          JSX parser based on node-acorn
ii  node-acorn-object-spread                         5.1.2-1                   
all          Plugin for object spread in acorn for Node.js
ii  node-amdefine                                    0.1.0-1                   
all          Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) for Node.js
ii  node-ansi-escapes                                3.0.0-1                   
all          ANSI escape codes for manipulating the terminal
ii  node-ansi-styles                                 3.2.0-1                   
all          ANSI escape codes for styling strings in the terminal with Node.js
ii  node-arr-diff                                    4.0.0-1                   
all          Returns an array with only the unique values from the first array
ii  node-arr-flatten                                 1.1.0-1                   
all          Recursively flatten an array or arrays
ii  node-arr-union                                   3.1.0-1                   
all          Combines list of arrays, returning single array with unique values
ii  node-array-unique                                0.3.2-1                   
all          Return an array free of duplicate values
ii  node-balanced-match                              0.4.2-1                   
all          Match balanced character pairs in Node.js
ii  node-base                                        0.11.1-1                  
all          foundation for creating modular, unit testable node.js application
ii  node-brace-expansion                             1.1.8-1                   
all          Brace expansion as known from sh/bash for Node.js
ii  node-braces                                      2.0.2-2                   
all          Fast, comprehensive, bash-like brace expansion implemented in JS
ii  node-browser-resolve                             1.11.2-1                  
all          node.js resolve algorithm with browser mapping support
ii  node-buble                                       0.19.3-1                  
all          Fast ES2015 compiler for Node.js
ii  node-builtin-modules                             1.1.1-1                   
all          List of the Node.js builtin modules
ii  node-cache-base                                  0.8.4-1                   
all          Basic object cache for node.js/javascript projects
ii  node-chalk                                       2.3.0-1                   
all          Terminal string styling for Node.js
ii  node-class-utils                                 0.3.5-1                   
all          Utils for working with JavaScript classes and prototype methods
ii  node-collection-visit                            1.0.0-1                   
all          Visit a method over items in object, or map visit over the objects
ii  node-color-convert                               1.9.0-2build2             
all          Plain color conversion functions
ii  node-color-name                                  1.1.3-1                   
all          list of color names and its values
ii  node-component-emitter                           1.2.1-1                   
all          Event emitter for Node.js
ii  node-concat-map                                  0.0.1-1                   
all          concatenative mapdashery for Node.js
ii  node-copy-descriptor                             0.1.1-1                   
all          Copy a descriptor from one object to another
ii  node-css                                         2.1.0-2                   
all          JavaScript CSS parser and stringifier - Node.js module
ii  node-date-time                                   2.1.0-1                   
all          Pretty datetime like 2014-01-09 06:46:01
ii  node-debug                                       3.1.0-1                   
all          small debugging utility for Node.js
ii  node-define-property                             1.0.0-1                   
all          Define property on an object
ii  node-escape-string-regexp                        1.0.5-1                   
all          Escape RegExp special characters in Node.js
ii  node-estree-walker                               0.5.1-1                   
all          traverse an ESTree-compliant AST in Node.js
ii  node-expand-brackets                             2.1.4-1                   
all          Expand POSIX bracket expressions
ii  node-extend-shallow                              3.0.1-1                   
all          extend an object with the properties of additional objects
ii  node-extglob                                     1.0.0-2                   
all          Extended glob support for JavaScript
ii  node-filename-regex                              2.0.0-1                   
all          Regular expression for matching file names
ii  node-fill-range                                  5.0.0-1                   
all          fill in a range of numbers or letters
ii  node-for-in                                      0.1.6-1                   
all          iterate over object
ii  node-for-own                                     1.0.0-1                   
all          Iterate over the own enumerable properties of an object
ii  node-fragment-cache                              0.2.1-1                   
all          Cache for managing namespaced sub-caches
ii  node-get-value                                   2.0.6-1                   
all          Use property paths to get a nested value from an object
ii  node-glob-base                                   0.3.0-1                   
all          returns an object with the (non-glob) base path
ii  node-glob-parent                                 3.0.1-1                   
all          Extract the non-magic parent path from a glob string
ii  node-graceful-fs                                 4.1.11-1                  
all          drop-in replacement improving the Node.js fs module
ii  node-has-flag                                    2.0.0-1                   
all          check if argv has a specific flag
ii  node-has-value                                   0.3.1-1                   
all          Returns true if a value exists
ii  node-has-values                                  0.1.4-1                   
all          Returns true if any values exist
ii  node-inherits                                    2.0.3-1                   
all          Exposes inherits function from Node.js environment
ii  node-irregular-plurals                           1.2.0-2                   
all          Map of nouns to their irregular plural form
ii  node-is-accessor-descriptor                      2.0.0-1                   
all          Identifies value with valid JS accessor descriptor characteristics
ii  node-is-buffer                                   1.1.6-1                   
all          Determine if an object is a Buffer
ii  node-is-data-descriptor                          0.1.4-1                   
all          True if a value has characteristics of a valid JS data descriptor
ii  node-is-descriptor                               2.0.0-1                   
all          Returns true if value has characteristics of a valid JS descriptor
ii  node-is-dotfile                                  1.0.2-1                   
all          Return true if a file path is (or has) a dotfile
ii  node-is-equal-shallow                            0.1.3-1                   
all          Does a shallow comparison of two objects.
ii  node-is-extendable                               0.1.1-1                   
all          determine if a value can be extended
ii  node-is-extglob                                  2.1.1-1                   
all          Node module to return true if a string is an extglob
ii  node-is-glob                                     4.0.0-1                   
all          Node module to return true if a string is a glob or extglob
ii  node-is-module                                   1.0.0-2                   
all          Node.js code to check if a string is an ES6 module
ii  node-is-number                                   4.0.0-1                   
all          returns true if the value is a number
ii  node-is-plain-object                             2.0.4+dfsg-1              
all          Returns true if object was created by `Object` constructor
ii  node-is-primitive                                2.0.0-1                   
all          Returns `true` if the value is a primitive
ii  node-is-reference                                1.0.1-1                   
all          Node.js code to determine whether an AST node is a reference
ii  node-isarray                                     2.0.2-1                   
all          JavaScript Array#isArray for older browsers
ii  node-isobject                                    3.0.1-1                   
all          Checks if the value is an object and not an array or null
ii  node-jsesc                                       2.5.1-1                   
all          Escape JavaScript strings, with short output (Node.js module)
ii  node-kind-of                                     6.0.2+dfsg-1              
all          Get the native type of a value
ii  node-lazy-cache                                  2.0.1-1                   
all          Cache requires to be lazy-loaded when needed
ii  node-locate-character                            2.0.1-2                   
all          Helper to find the line and column of a character in a string
ii  node-magic-string                                0.22.4-4                  
all          Modify strings, generate sourcemaps
ii  node-map-cache                                   0.2.2-1                   
all          Basic cache object for storing key-value pairs
ii  node-map-visit                                   1.0.0-1                   
all          Map `visit` over an array of objects
ii  node-micromatch                                  2.3.11-1                  
all          Glob matching for javascript/node.js
ii  node-minimatch                                   3.0.4-3                   
all          Convert glob expressions into RegExp objects for Node.js
ii  node-minimist                                    1.2.0-1                   
all          Argument options parsing for Node.js
ii  node-mixin-deep                                  1.1.3-1                   
all          Deeply mix the properties of objects into the first object
ii  node-ms                                          2.1.1-1                   
all          milliseconds conversion utility - Node.js module
ii  node-normalize-path                              2.0.1-2                   
all          Normalize file path slashes to be unix-like forward slashes
ii  node-object-copy                                 0.1.0-1                   
all          copy properties of one object to another
ii  node-object-visit                                1.0.1-1                   
all          Call a specified method on each value in the given object
ii  node-object.omit                                 2.0.1-1                   
all          Return a copy of an object excluding the given key
ii  node-parse-glob                                  3.0.4+dfsg-1              
all          Parse a glob pattern into an object of tokens
ii  node-parse-ms                                    1.0.1-2                   
all          Parse milliseconds into an object
ii  node-pascalcase                                  0.1.1-1                   
all          Convert a string to pascal-case
ii  node-plur                                        2.1.2-2                   
all          Pluralize a word
ii  node-posix-character-classes                     0.1.0-1                   
all          POSIX character classes for creating regular expressions
ii  node-pretty-ms                                   3.0.0-1                   
all          Convert milliseconds to a human readable string
ii  node-regenerate                                  1.3.3-1                   
all          Unicode-aware regular expression generator (Node.js module)
ii  node-regenerate-unicode-properties               5.1.3+ds-1                
all          Unicode properties and values as Regenerate sets for Node.js
ii  node-regex-cache                                 0.4.3-1                   
all          Memorize the results of a call to the RegExp constructor
ii  node-regex-not                                   1.0.0-1                   
all          regex for matching everything except for the given string
ii  node-regexpu-core                                4.1.3+ds-1                
all          Core functionality for regexpu's functionality in Node.js
ii  node-regjsgen                                    0.4.0+ds-1                
all          Regular expression from abstract syntax trees in Node.js
ii  node-regjsparser                                 0.3.0+ds-1                
all          Parser for JavaScript's RegExp for Node.js
ii  node-repeat-element                              1.1.2+github-2            
all          create an array by repeating the given value n times
ii  node-repeat-string                               1.6.1-1                   
all          repeat the given string n times
ii  node-require-relative                            0.8.7-1                   
all          Relative require module import for Node.js
ii  node-resolve                                     1.4.0-1                   
all          Synchronous/Asynchronous require.resolve() algorithm
ii  node-rollup-plugin-buble                         0.15.0-1                  
all          Rollup plugin to convert ES2015 to more common javascript using 
ii  node-rollup-plugin-commonjs                      8.3.0-2                   
all          Node.js plugin for rollup to convert CommonJS modules to ES6
ii  node-rollup-plugin-json                          2.3.0-2                   
all          rollup plugin to convert JSON files to ES6 modules
ii  node-rollup-plugin-node-resolve                  3.0.3-1                   
all          rollup plugin to bundle third-party dependencies
ii  node-rollup-plugin-replace                       2.0.0-1                   
all          Rollup plugin to make string substitutions while bundling
ii  node-rollup-plugin-string                        2.0.2-2                   
all          Nodejs code to convert text files to modules
ii  node-rollup-pluginutils                          2.0.1-3                   
all          Base functionality for rollup plugins
ii  node-set-getter                                  0.1.0-1                   
all          Create nested getter properties and any intermediary dot notation
ii  node-set-value                                   0.4.0-1                   
all          create nested values and any intermediaries using dot notation
ii  node-signal-exit                                 3.0.2-1                   
all          Fire an event no matter how a process exits
ii  node-snapdragon                                  0.8.1-1                   
all          Fast, pluggable and easy-to-use parser-renderer factory
ii  node-source-map                                  0.7.0+dfsg.really.0.6.1-1 
all          Mozilla source map generator and consumer - Node.js module
ii  node-sourcemap-codec                             1.4.0-1                   
all          Encode/decode sourcemap mappings
ii  node-static-extend                               0.1.2-1                   
all          Adds a static `extend` method to a class, to simplify inheritance
ii  node-supports-color                              4.4.0-2                   
all          Detect whether a terminal supports color in Node.js
ii  node-time-zone                                   1.0.0-2                   
all          Pretty time zone: `+2` or `-9:30`
ii  node-to-object-path                              0.3.0-1                   
all          Create an object path from a list of strings
ii  node-to-regex                                    3.0.1-1                   
all          generate a regex from a string or array of strings
ii  node-to-regex-range                              3.0.0-1                   
all          returns a regex-compatible range from two numbers, min and max
ii  node-unicode-canonical-property-names-ecmascript 1.0.3-1                   
all          Unicode property names supported in ES RegExp in Node.js
ii  node-unicode-match-property-ecmascript           1.0.3-1                   
all          Match a Unicode property to its canonical name for Node.js
ii  node-unicode-match-property-value-ecmascript     1.0.1+ds-1                
all          Match a Unicode property value to its canonical version in Node.js
ii  node-unicode-property-aliases-ecmascript         1.0.3+ds-1                
all          Unicode property aliases mapping for property names in Node.js
ii  node-union-value                                 1.0.0-1                   
all          set an array of unique values as the property of an object
ii  node-unset-value                                 1.0.0-1                   
all          Delete nested properties from an object using dot notation
ii  node-use                                         3.1.0-1                   
all          Easily add plugin support to your node.js application
ii  node-vlq                                         1.0.0-1                   
all          Variable-length quantity mapper for Node.js
ii  nodejs                                           8.9.3~dfsg-12             
amd64        evented I/O for V8 javascript


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