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> > lintian: Emit warnings for Alioth URLs in packaging
> I'm going to "park" this bug for the time being until we know the state
> of any redirection services — simply warning maintainers right now that
> they are using anonscm URIs is probably not tremendously helpful.

I think all the concerns and questions raised in this bug are now addressed. is now out of beta and the threat of database drops has gone 
[1]; it is widely adopted by the project and impending close-down date of 
alioth draws closer [2].

It is now documented that the redirector is only for http/https URLs and it is 
not intended to be a replacement for changing the Vcs-* fields within debian/
control [3]. That ssh and git protocol connections are not redirected means 
that anonscm URLs from debian/control will play badly with existing magic from 
debcheckout or local pushInsteadOf config that was used to make those URLs 
usable for developers.

Maintainers need to move their repositories either individually or as part of 
teams and the lintian message could point towards a suitable tool like Mehdi's 
salsa-scripts to do this [4].

I think we're at the point where lintian should be giving very strong guidance 
on this matter. It's quite obviously not an ftp-master reject, but a very in-
the-face warning or error is appropriate. In a project where time is normally 
quantised in 'week' units and several quanta are normally allowed for any 
action, we now only have 6 time quanta until alioth is read-only.


[2] Wheezy EOL, 2018-04-25



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