On Mon, 12 Mar 2018, Luca Boccassi wrote:
> That is certainly the case for myself at $work - we have a lot of
> scripts to deal with installing&upgrading images, I've tested it, and
> they all break due to this change. In my case it's a derivative with
> proprietary bits, so I understand if that is treated as less important.
> But would it be possible to make this change optional, please?

Making this change optional would not be logical. It would complexify the
code to support two different layouts when the goal was to simplify it.

> Or maybe have a backward-compatible symlinks?

This seems entirely reasonable. Can you work on this?

BTW, given your vested interested in the various live tools, would you
like to join the maintenance team?

Myself I am working on live tools only because I need them for the
derivative I work on (Kali) and it would be nice to share the workload
with other people.

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